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Serving over 1,068 religious communities and dioceses and over 33,918 potential candidates like yourself. | 954-340-5705 is an organization with one mission: to assist those who are invesitigating a call to religious life in the Roman Catholic Church.

We offer Membership Privileges to religious orders and dioceses, whereby religious communities can add their homes to the growing list of available VocationsPlacement retreat locations. Contact us by email or regular mail for suggested donations:

Vocations Placement Service, Inc.
6311 NW 47 Ct.
Coral Springs, Fla. 33067

If you believe our service would be helpful to your community or mission, please fill in the following form as completely as you can. PLEASE NOTE: the more we know about the specifics of your community, the better prepared we'll be to direct candidates with staying power your way!

More questions? Drop us an Email, or contact us by phone at 954-340-5705.

Community/Diocese Name: Your Name:
Address: City: State: ZIP:
Phone: Email:
How many persons reside in your community?

Primary apostolates, if any:
Cloistered Contemplative Life
Missionary work, feeding the poor
Health care
The Priesthood (diocesan)
The Priesthood (non-diocesan)
Military Priesthood
Media Evangelization (T.V., Radio, Etc.)
The Hermit Life
Prolife Movement
Youth Ministry
Vocational Opportunities In The Holy Land

Additional apostolates (you may select more than one):
Education  Cloistered Contemplative Life  Preaching  Missionary work, feeding the poor 
Health care  Priesthood (diocesan)  Priesthood (non-diocesan)  Military Priesthood 
The Hermit Life  Media Evangelization (T.V., Radio, Etc.)  Prolife Movement 
Youth Ministry  Vocational Opportunities In The Holy Land  

Primary means of self support:
Homemade Products
Retreat Center
Printing Press

What ethnic backgrounds may be especially attracted to your community?

Hispanic African American Chinese Vietnamese
French Polish Haitian Phillipino
Italian Czechoslovakian Russian

What airport is nearest to your community?
What bus station is nearest to your community?

Are there any special programs for non-professed persons to live in your community?
Yes No

Please List any unique features or functions of your community:
What is the upper age limit for candidates?
If you have a website address, please enter it here:
Would you be open to sending information to candidates under the age of 18?
Yes No
Would you be open to sending information to candidates who are converting to Catholicism?
Yes No
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