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discernment. 1 : the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning.

Please know that after interviewing 1000's of persons like yourself we have found that there are five steps of discernment:

1. Filling out the application at
2. Reviewing the information e-mailed.
3. Identifying places of attraction.
4. Making several visits.
5. Applying to enter.

It is so important to continue through the five steps.

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Below is our newsletter containing tips on religious vocations discernment. The topic is, “Finding Our Vocation By Following Sacred Hope”.

When discerning a vocation it helps to ask yourself, “What gives me hope?” Remember Mary running to Elizabeth sharing her great Hope and rejoicing. So what brings you hope? Pay attention to what pulls at your heartstrings.

Most of us became Christians because our hearts felt His Love drawing us not because we were analyzing all the benefits or pitfalls. Think also about “Joy”. One saintly type said, “The surest sign of God’s presence is Joy.” A calling, a vocation, is an invitation to a particular path of nurturing and loving Jesus supernaturally conceived inside you.

We at Vocations Placement Service have been told that we are like midwives assisting you in birthing your Sacred Hopes. Why did I capitalize the “S” and the “H” in “Sacred Hopes” you might ask? The reason is that your Hopes are nothing less than the individuation of Jesus Christ Himself coming alive in you. His coming alive in you is as unique to you as your thumbprint. No one goes around comparing his thumbprint to another's. Likewise, there is no need to try to justify our Sacred Hopes to others when they may wish to compare or dissuade us. We need not make excuses or look for approval for we, like Mary, are not likely to find it from the masses. We must be selective who we share our Sacred Hopes with because, like the Virgin Mary having been supernaturally impregnated, our own Sacred Hopes will often ring with an air of impossibility. This is a good sign that we are getting a gift far greater than we could have imagined let alone create on our own. When someone is pregnant they do not usually sit around thinking of molecules and the analytical workings of chromosomes.

When Sacred Hope is conceived inside us we become like "little children" giddy with joy and the expectation of New Life. Therefore like Mary running to share the news with Elizabeth we shall also be wild with joy unimaginable when we get the news that God has conceived within our hearts our "True" vocation. This sounds like Good News does it not? For the word "gospel" actually means "Good News" and I am saying this to help you realize that your Sacred Hopes are not self-generated. They are pure gift. There is no need to attempt to suffocate Jesus being born in us by doubt or shame or feelings of unworthiness but simply, like Mary, let us rejoice and praise God for the New Life growing inside us.

We at Vocations Placement rejoice with you and we are profoundly grateful to participate in the birth of your Sacred Hopes (Jesus) . . .

Love in the Lord,

Natalie Smith and staff
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