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Have you ever been convicted of a felony?  Yes No

Educational Background:
If you do not hold a 4-year or graduate degree, are you currently in college? (Select 'No-N/A' if you currently hold a 4-year or graduate degree)  Yes No-N/A

If not currently in college, would you be willing to return soon? (Select 'No-N/A' if you currently hold a 4-year or graduate degree)  Yes No-N/A

Do you have a history of any major health problems or surgeries, etc.?   Yes No

If 'yes', please describe briefly (250 characters or less):

I'm primarily attracted to communities that are mainly devoted to (click one):
Education - Prayer
Cloistered Contemplative Life
Missionary work, serving the poor
Health care
The Permanent Diaconate
The Priesthood (diocesan)
The Priesthood (non-diocesan)
Military Priesthood
Media Evangelization (T.V., Radio, Etc.)
The Hermit Life
Prolife Movement
Youth Ministry
Vocational Opportunities In The Holy Land

I am also attracted to communities mainly dedicated to (you may select more than one):
Education  Education-Prayer  Cloistered Contemplative Life  Preaching 
The Permanent Diaconate  Priesthood (diocesan)  Priesthood (non-diocesan)  Military Priesthood 
Health care  The Hermit Life  Media Evangelization (T.V., Radio, Etc.)  Prolife Movement 
Missionary work, serving the poor  Youth Ministry  Vocational Opportunities In The Holy Land  

In describing your discernment level regarding your potential for religious life or the priesthood, would you describe yourself as new to the process; a serious candidate with good potential; or advanced?

[Your answers to the following questions will help us serve you better:]

It is recommended that you visit different communities of different sizes. What size community do you feel you are best suited for? 

Is it essential for you that a community wear habits?  

Would a lifelong commitment to celibacy be possible for you?  

If you are not already sure of your interest in a particular community, do you have a desire to go to wherever the need is greatest? We represent some communities that are experiencing a severe depletion in personnel, where your loving assistance would be essential to their future. 
Yes No

[The following section need only be filled out by men who have an interest in the diocesan priesthood:]
Are you interested in the Diocesan Priesthood? Yes No
Have you ever applied for admission to seminary? Yes. No.
If so, in which diocese did you make your application? 
Was your application for admission  accepted or  denied N/A?
Have you made contact with your local diocesan vocations director?  Yes No

I understand that I will be getting e-mails, a phone call, or literature mailed to me because of the interest that I have expressed in the religious life and/or the priesthood by filling out this application.  Yes No
I would prefer to be contacted via:
Because we have over 500 religious communities and dioceses in the system, there may be many that may be of interest to you. Roughly how many referrals would you like us to make on your behalf?

[Optional] Most all the religious orders build their lives around the Mass. If you have valid reasons for not attending Mass at least once a week please explain why in the section below. Also, if you have a particular order such as the Trappists, Benedictine, Dominicans or any other order that you are already attracted to please let us know the name in the comment section below. You may also add any other comments about your vocations desires below.
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How did you hear about Vocations Placement Services?  

For the sake of graciously serving Christ, His Church, and His people, it is the mission of Vocations Placement to replenish every Roman Catholic religious community and diocese in the U.S. By filling out this application you are stating that you are open to participation in the fulfillment of this mission.

By submitting this application I am also confirming that I am Catholic, single, in good physical and mental health, and am open to a religious vocation.
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